Covid-19 fact check summary August 2020

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Since a couple of friends and family of mine are being quite concerned about Covid-19 and even critical of people that do not believe in the mainstream Covid-19 narrative. I have created a little essay about my research and the reasoning why that fear-based narrative does not make sense.

I can understand that you, as we all, are concerned for us and about our aged and maybe sickle relative or friend that is in the risk group of contracting and potentially dying with Covid-19. Of course, we need to care for the people at risk and already affected, i.e. appropriate care and medication, especially providing immune supporting foods and supplements and other treatments that are already widely available to us. I will elaborate on that in more detail further down.

But protecting those at risk should not imply to make all others wear masks or keep distance and stop the entire economy. In banning people to go to work, forcing them to wear masks, preventing them from exercising their basic human rights in going out and or having to keep distance from pretty much everyone else. Or even waiting for an experimental medical treatment before one is allowed to go back to the “new normal”) is not the way. That might never come actually as admitted by WHO themselves (!

Yet these are still scenarios painted by governments, authorities and the mainstream media, especially in the expectation that the next wave will hit us and another and so on, until we are rescued by a vaccine or as I hope by natural herd immunity. I would insist that emotions and fear are bad advisors and like in this case actually plain wrong.

COVID-19 What Older Adults and Seniors Need to Know by

COVID-19 What Older Adults and Seniors Need to Know by


Covid-19 What is happening?

There are many indicators that Covid-19 has “killed” most people which

A) had already serious diseases such as pneumonia, cancer, diabetes, and similar (,
B) life in regions with high levels of air pollution (,
C) are in the higher age group of around 80 years ( -19-note-ii /) and or
D) had previously a flu vaccination (,
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Covid-19 Airpollution image by



Do the Covid-19 numbers add up?

There are many reports that death certificates were changed to show Covid-19 even so tests done before showed negative results or the deceased person was not tested at all. On top of that incentives were and are given by the CDC to record deaths no matter what as Covid-19 (

These articles give an idea about the widespread falsification of Covid-19 death rate for i.e. Florida USA, ( -90) or for Italy (

Then compare those numbers with other countries that have not introduced drastic lock-down restrictions, like Sweden (32), Belarus (39), Japan (49), South Korea (not listed), in brackets with their ranking number in recorded Covid-19 deaths. That are faring much better than most with lock-down, actual figures can be found here:

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Covid-19 image by


Is Covid-19 really that deadly?

More deadly diseases such as Tuberculosis, SARS / Corona, or other flu waves in last two decades have never led to these drastic measures of lock-downs, face-mask wearing or social distancing!?

Most cases happened to people in the 80-year age bracket and in rest homes that did not properly prepare to protect these people. As tragic as all these deaths are, they are nothing out of the ordinary as pretty much only the elderly and immune compromised were impacted. That is absolutely natural and expected and has always been like that.

Despite the exaggerated media reports on the Covid-19 death numbers they do not exceed the mortality rate of any other respiratory diseases like SARS or even the common flu. When you compare these numbers with previous years there have been either similar or even a higher number of people died overall ( -19-note-ii /).

Therefore are the death numbers really a legitimate reason that one should restrict basic human rights for all and wait for an experimental vaccine ( stop-coronavirus-animal-trials /) with unknown long-term side effects!?

That btw. was already un-successfully tried with Covid Version 1, it proofed then already that any attempts to implement artificial immunity had extremely negative and deadly effects (

Corona version 1 is hardly a problem anymore thanks to natural herd immunity, as that was established fairly quickly and without masks or any other restrictions. There are some indicators that thanks to that herd immunity for Covid Version 1, many are already immune to SARS-CoV-2 or Covid-19 (

Airport Rail Link and MRT step up COVID-19 control by

Airport Rail Link and MRT step up COVID-19 control by


Do face masks or distancing really protect and prevent harm?

Fear, malice and polemics have generally nothing to do with reality nor science. Yet are the means of government’s, so called authorities and mainstream media to coerce a believe that specific measures are necessary. But like face masks, for example, cannot effectively filter and protect against viruses: Even the WHO, which has send a couple of mixed messages over the months about Covid-19 has essentially confirmed that masks do not prevent viral infections:

Social distancing might slow down the spread of a disease like Covid-19 yet has other negative side effects that can and do out weight the benefits. The devastating impact on the local and global economies, suicides, mental health issues, spousal violence have all drastically increased due to the lock-down measures and stresses of being confined in closed quarters, job loss and or loss of income.

The few positive effects of the lock-down were that the environmental pollution reduced dramatically and many people had more time for their families and themselves.

There are many scientific voices that oppose the believe of the WHO, some wealthy philanthropists, that by the way are also invested in the Pharmaceutical Industry, various authorities and governments, and of the mainstream and social media echo chamber that these measures were appropriate to the threat. These can be found here:, here and here

COVID-19 massive unemployment, except in government by

COVID-19 massive unemployment, except in government by


What is the solution for Covid-19?

The widely promoted notion that everyone must be vaccinated to overcome Covid-19 before everything can get back to normal is utter nonsense. Especially since there are already a couple of successful treatment and prevention methods. If you look at the political measures and their effects on the economy and fundamental human rights, it is understandable in my eyes that people take to the streets.

Here is the information on existing preventive measures and treatments for Covid-19 and I am not talking about masks, immunization or keeping your distance: -and-death-301094237.html

The treatments have already been used successfully for Covid Ver 1 and are no longer being considered at the moment because one influential person, Dr. Fauci, has spoken against them!? The WHO also cancelled corresponding tests due to a falsified and now retracted study!? Even so the above listed studies have shown success in treatment and prevention with the current and previous Covid virus.

As I mentioned earlier there are many other ways to prevent and remediate diseases like Covid-19 via nutrition and natural remedies that are widely available. I am not a health practitioner to make any recommendations but I have found many and so can you.


Can tests provide peace of mind?

Careful if you think you are tested positive or negative for Covid-19 as you might not be aware that the mostly used PCR tests were not designed to test for an infection from a virus ( and!?

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Covid-19 image by


What can I do?

You’re right to claim that one can find pretty much anything online and therefore “prove” all sorts of theories, therefore I have only cited trustworthy and scientific sources here. Hence one usually has to invest quite a bit of time and use one’s intellect to find and validate quality sources, link those to be able to get the bigger picture and to eventually get a clear idea about what is going on.

Fear and blind action-ism is not scientific nor does it benefit anybody. Hence you will have to read and see a lot of different sources and viewpoints. Obviously I have kept out the mainstream views which are omnipresent and easy for you to access.

Instead of following the “opined” mainstream media and their fact checkers, which themselves spread misinformation, fear, mockery and polemics, just do more in-depth research. What is provided here should give you a good head start or a deeper insight and I encourage you to also read the link sources of each of those linked articles as all combined provides a wealth of knowledge and insight.

Additional information can be found fairly quickly still not necessarily using Google, YouTube or Facebook, but instead alternative Search Engines like Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc. Also simply following the money will lead you to further insights of why and how this Covid-19 pandemic came about.

Now this is a choice and freedom that we fortunately still have, which is why we can still conduct this dialogue, although this is apparently becoming more and more politicized and restricted and even outright censored.

Hence, I believe we have to be vigilant and stand up and make sure we do not lose more of our rights or being dragged into this fear-based dystopia were forced health checks, medication and tracking becomes mandatory to be able to take part in society and make a living.

You can actively contribute to various groups and organisations and simply spread the word and educate your family, friends and even your health care professional. Ask them about available treatments for Covid-19 and if they do not know any, show them the science. Then there is nothing to fear and we can quickly get back to our “new normal”.

It is up to you now to take responsibility and make an informed decision.

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