New Zealand, The Poisoned Nation

“When it comes to Trout, the bugs drive the bus. No bugs…no trout…My Letter to explain the horrific destruction of trout fishing in New Zealand…I want the world to know that NZ IS NOT the ‘clean, green pristine’ they advertise. More like POLLUTED. I want the world to know. Save yourself the heartaches of going there and being disappointed and poisoned.

Aloha, To Whom it May Concern:….I just returned from my “umpteenth” trip to NZ. I have been going there since 1983. In the past 3 yrs, I have been going for 3 months a year to fly fish….and my fishing partner has been going there for 30 years to fish. Let me just establish that I justifiably have “boots on the ground” experience in NZ. I was there when the recent massacre took place in Christchurch. But I am not writing about that. I am writing because the adulation given to Jacinda Ardern may be warranted on some levels…but there is a bigger picture as to what is going on in NZ.”

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