I started my research early on in March 2020 when I heard from many European specialists criticising the assumptions put out by certain health authorities and measures put in place by Governments about the so called Covid-19 Pandemic.

So I started digging through the mainstream narrative and then further through alternative views and research. Following the developments along the way and connecting the dots to get a comprehensive picture, below I am listing out what I found and concluded.

List of research topics:

COVID-19 What Older Adults and Seniors Need to Know by drjimcollins.com

COVID-19 What Older Adults and Seniors Need to Know by drjimcollins.com

Does wearing a mask prevent a viral infection?

The requirement to wear masks based on claims made that masks protect is outright misleading when there is plenty of scientific evidence to the contrary:

The science and statements shown above clearly indicate masks do not prevent the spread of viruses or protect the wearer or others for that matter. The wearing of masks rather serves to shape and sway public opinion to be afraid of a virus and accept all the limitations the Governments deem appropriate from their fear based perceptions.

Covid-19 image by dallas.com

Covid-19 image by dallas.com

How well have countries with lock-downs fared so-far?

Sweden is now number 13 on the WorldoMeters list (https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/) with the highest per million deaths attributed to Covid-19.

Yet Peru is #2 despite having imposed very strict lock-downs:  https://jordanschachtel.substack.com/p/the-worlds-toughest-lockdown-has.

Yet Sweden’s Covid-19 case numbers are actually going down overall (https://news.google.com/covid19/map?hl=en-AU&gl=AU&ceid=AU%3Aen&mid=%2Fm%2F0d0vqn), whereas in many other places the numbers are still going up. Maybe Sweden has already achieved herd immunity and in other countries we experience now a “second wave” striking or just a delayed effect due to the lock-downs!?

Yes New Zealand is luckily way down the list but still in lock-down and in fear of further waves of infections. It surely helps to minimise the immediate impact when you lock-down and are physically far away from densely populated countries. Yet from a Epidemiological point of view Viral infections do come in waves, the deadlier ones are shorter and “burn out” quickly like MEARS or Ebola. Whereas the lighter virulent infections spread wider as they often go undetected and kill only few like with Covid-19.

So these milder forms either disappear or end up to become regular appearances like the Flu when their gnome also changes more frequently. Essentially it is just a matter of time until our own immune system has to adapt to it.

Covid-19 test image by kbhbradio.com

Covid-19 test image by kbhbradio.com

Does a PCR test prove a disease or infection?

Claiming that Covid-19 is found in all positive cases is not ultimate prove that the disease is being triggered directly by this virus (https://bpa-pathology.com/covid19-pcr-tests-are-scientifically-meaningless/).

You can actually fact check this via a fact checking article by Reuters (https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-factcheck-pcr-idUSKBN24420X) that essentially confirms “that detecting viral material by PCR does not indicate that the virus is fully intact and infectious“.

That was claimed by the developer of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test Dr. Kary Mullis about the HIV virus but can be applied to any virus detection using the PCR method. Dr. Mullis also stated that “The tests can detect genetic sequences of viruses, but not viruses themselves.” (http://www.virusmyth.org/aids/hiv/jlprotease.htm) and that is another interesting area to look into.

Besides as the saying goes “correlation does not mean causation”, meaning you find a virus and have symptoms does not mean that virus is directly responsible for those symptoms.

Here you can get another “New Zealand” fact checking version, about wearing masks, doing the swipe test properly and get the official statement by Dr. Aldaja a John Hopkins University spokes person about the PCR tests: We Have No Idea, But We Know What’s Good For You

COVID-19 massive unemployment, except in government by sentinelksmo.org

COVID-19 massive unemployment, except in government by sentinelksmo.org

What impact has testing actually?

Besides providing figures who tested positive or negative for Covid-19 generally it can be seen as a helpful tool to implement appropriate measures.

The Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) testing method used is the Gold Standard in testing and quite accurate in detecting a so called Covid-19 virus particulate. Yet the RT-PCR test is around 95% accurate (https://www.health.govt.nz/our-work/diseases-and-conditions/covid-19-novel-coronavirus/covid-19-health-advice-general-public/assessment-and-testing-covid-19/covid-19-test-results-and-their-accuracy).

So that leaves around 5% as false positives or false negatives and that amounts to a fairly huge number, i.e. potentially around 250.000 New Zealanders, that could get a wrong diagnosis. For those wrongly tested positive they could potentially end up in quarantine as it is mandated now for arrivals here and in a growing number of other states and countries.

Dr. Ian M. Mackay PhD explains the reasons for false positive or false negatives (https://virologydownunder.com/and-another-thing-on-false-positives/) and they seem to be quite frequent and on many levels.

Being locked up in a one bedroom hotel-room or apartment separated from loved ones and or family members and not being able to get your normal food choices would be traumatising for me no matter how much TV / Netflix I could watch.

They already have separated families because one family member has tested positive and more such cases coming up every week (https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/coronavirus/300088747/coronavirus-returning-family-has-to-restart-quarantine-after-hotel-bubble-breach)!? Even being locked up in your own home can become depressing.

Depending on how these things develop one might be as well subjected to forced medications in the near future, as that is already planned in Australia and many other countries. Then they are actually punishing people for breaking the quarantine, for a flu like disease: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12360207

Again the tests are not 100% accurate but the results have a definitive impact on peoples lives.

What about people who got a false-negative, show now symptoms yet, but are having Covid-19 and could benefit from preventative treatments, these are outlined below!?

Then why are we not locking down and do mandatory testing for flu, Tuberculosis or other transmittable diseases!? Maybe we should also stop all non-essential transport, ban smoking and alcohol to protect us from those negative effects they have on overall health and lead to a way higher yearly mortality rate, sorry is that to extreme!?

Airport Rail Link and MRT step up COVID-19 control by tatnews.org

Airport Rail Link and MRT step up COVID-19 control by tatnews.org

Are asymptomatic Covid-19 carriers dangerous?

With the “official” numbers we can safely say that for less than 99% of people Covid-19 is not life-threatening and around 80% of those people testing positive do not show any symptoms assigned to the Covid-19 disease (https://time.com/5842669/coronavirus-asymptomatic-transmission/).

Another interesting aspect here is that they actually found already so many asymptomatic people testing positive. How can this be explained, especially after extended lock-downs everywhere!? Asymptomatic people are no threat as their immune system has already eliminated the Virus:

It is safe to say that any follow up wave with Covid-19 will be milder like in any other Flu season, as usual immune compromised need to take care accordingly.

Covid-19 image by elgin.edu

Covid-19 image by elgin.edu

Do the Covid-19 numbers actually stack up?

The numbers look more and more dire and slowly matches the narrative of a global pandemic with supposedly more than 850 thousand deaths with Covid-19 (as of 30th August 2020 https://www.worldometers.info/) which is nearly as much as have died in car accidents this year.

Yes these numbers are quite impressive and depressing but one needs to look at the bigger picture and see how these figures came about? Also how many people actually die every year from various causes.

Please keep in mind these numbers are rather estimates based on counters run on algorithms predicting the numbers as were reported months or even years before. Or as you will see in those articles below are based rather on guesstimates given by official sources. Besides will these counters immediately incorporate any counting errors that are admitted more and more is your best guess.

So when you get these huge numbers, riddled with “errors”, especially when it is incentivised by the Medicare system in the US for example, you find yourself wondering if you can trust those statistics:

Almost all people who tested Covid-19 positive and died had co-morbidities and like in other years would have died from these or other complications, often from pulmonary or coronary issues, yet many of these are now reported as Covid-19 cases.

How about other causes of death in relation to Covid-19 have they gone up or stayed the same or gone down, well at this stage the data is inconclusive as you will have to wait for actually data to come in i.e. be officially verified by government organisations which sometimes takes years, like for suicides for example.

Here in New Zealand there was the case of Eileen Hunter, after being tested positive in Mid-April. She recovered and was tested twice negative and then released but shortly after died End of May. Yet she has become Covid-19 case number 22 (https://www.nzherald.co.nz/national-video/news/video.cfm?c_id=1503075&gal_cid=1503075&gallery_id=220530)!?

The flip flop of cases testing negative and then positive again claiming that reinfection has occurred are likely due to the error range of the tests themselves and should be treated with caution.

How many more of such recording anomalies have taken place and why exactly is your best guess!? Therefore, I do not trust those numbers as they are obviously not correctly reported and over inflated.

Recently the CDC quietly admitted, in their report under Table 2 (https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm), that only 6% of Covid-19 deaths recorded Covid-19 is the sole cause mentioned. Now we are getting more realistic figures.

Covid-19 image by schn.health.nsw.gov.au

Covid-19 image by schn.health.nsw.gov.au

How does Covid-19 compare to the Flu?

As we all know a Flu can also have long-term side-effects and complications that sometimes result in death a fact known for millennia (https://www.cdc.gov/flu/symptoms/flu-vs-covid19.htm). The WHO estimates the yearly deaths related to the common Flu to be between 290 to 650 thousand but admits that these are unreliable numbers as diagnosis and reporting is fairly sketchy (https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/influenza-(seasonal)).

When you look into the official WHO FluNet for the Northern Hemisphere (https://apps.who.int/flumart/Default?ReportNo=5&Hemisphere=Northern) records for Influenca have completely stopped after week 16 which is in the middle of April 2020. Presumably no more Flu from then onwards there. For the Southern Hemisphere (https://apps.who.int/flumart/Default?ReportNo=5&Hemisphere=Southern) there is relatively nothing happening either even so it is now the wet and cold season here, why!?

We could speculate that the lock-down helped reduce the spread of the Flu, that to many were to afraid or did not bother to go to the doctor or hospital to get it treated or all the numbers have just been shifted to be Covid-19 cases!?

There is also the often-mentioned Spanish Flu pandemic that supposedly infected up to 500 Mio. people and killed an estimated 4 to 10% in two waves which happened between 1918 and 1919. Yet we have not reached these numbers by a long shot. Besides is comparing apples with pineapples, as in those times the overall lifestyle and living conditions were way worse for many people compared to today, just to name the raging World War I (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6200009/).

Another interesting factoid is that it supposedly started in the US and was brought by US soldiers into Europe.

Covid-19 Airpollution image by gizmodo.co.uk

Covid-19 Airpollution image by gizmodo.co.uk

How does overall health care and the Environment impact the severity of Covid-19?

Speaking of living conditions how healthy is the population of a country overall and therefore how bad it is impacted by a SARS like disease? When you follow certain stats the US it does not fare well with Sudden Infant Death cases (SIDS) for example (https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/infant-mortality-rate-by-country) as an indicator of the overall health care status especially among 1st world countries.

You can also find a matching pattern between air pollution and Covid-19 cases (https://www.lung.org/blog/air-pollution-and-covid-19-link). Just look at present figures and the worst hit Countries are the ones with the worst environmental pollution, co incidence!?

It is already widely established that many health care providers and authorities did not do a good job in mitigating harm, i.e. the high death rates in care homes and with ventilator treatments in medical emergency units.

Why did many states and countries have allowed elderly that tested positive to return to their rest-homes, did not implement special measure to protect them. Even so they should know full well that respiratory diseases like Flu, SARS and Corona are one of the biggest threats for the elderly and immune compromised? That so happened in Northern Italy, New York and other countries and states, including Sweden. What where these Officials thinking whose advice did they follow to allow that!?

Covid-19 vaccine image by-stakebd.com

Covid-19 vaccine image by-stakebd.com

Will new vaccines solve the Covid-19 Pandemic?

As per the official narrative the only way to get back to normal is via a just newly developed and untested vaccine. There are even developing mRNA vaccines that supposedly do not need all the nasties normal vaccines contain and reprograms body cells to produce Covid-19 amino acids’ or virus particulates so the body can build up immunity.

This is done skipping normal development cycles and safety testing. What could go wrong with that even officials admit to that as “problematic”:

Conveniently vaccine tracking and control is now available to make sure all follow the mandates, there are more sophisticated technologies in the pipeline:

The rushed approach to develop and deploy a new vaccine will create way more damage and suffering:

Even Dr. Fauci now warns against fast tracking of Covid-19 vaccines (https://www.businessinsider.com.au/fauci-warns-against-rushed-approval-of-covid-19-vaccine-2020-8?r=US&IR=T). Yet the FDA is fast tracking newly developed mRNA vaccines with only very short-term studies possible.

But maybe you think like Bill Gates that it is worth to sacrifice another 700 thousand people so that the rest can return to normalcy (https://kenfm.de/bill-gates-predicts-700000-victims-from-corona-vaccination/)!?

Obviously they know about the side-effects of vaccines and have done so for a long time. I have done enough research therefore will definitely NOT volunteer for this new vaccine experiment. Contrary to the mantra “Vaccines are safe and effective” scientific evidence and the numerous reports from vaccine injured shows a different picture.

Just to give you a related example, vaccines developed against previous Covid virus strains led to a disastrous immune response, a so-called cytokine storm, while testing on animals back in 2008 and 2012. How much further has modern medicine evolved to do better this time!?

Another factoid Vaccines were never safety tested with actual placebo controlled groups getting only a saline solution. Nor were accumulative long-term effects tested for their toxic incredients, also in regards their potential side-effects with other medications and vaccines:

As usual all this will be glossed over and ignored and the costs offloaded to the families and or taxpayers who have to pick up the bills for all the damaged lives and live with the pains that come along with that. As nobody can sue the Pharmaceutical companies that produced the damaging vaccines (https://www.theglobeandmail.com/business/international-business/article-astrazeneca-to-be-exempt-from-coronavirus-vaccine-liability-claims-in/). Why do they need this kind of exemption for liability in the first place when their products are safe and effective!?

Besides we have already applied the precautionary principle and flattened the curve. Now we should make sure that we get natural herd immunity going and restore a fairly normal life style whilst protecting the elderly and immune compromised with available treatments.

Covid-19 HCQS image by theverge.com

Covid-19 HCQS image by theverge.com

There are Covid-19 treatments available!

Why are preventative medications like Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin in combination with Zinc and Azithromycin that have been proven to work in reducing mortality rates from people who tested positive not considered as the go to measure and solution!?

High dose Vitamin C, Steroids and Remdesir have shown to treat acute cases fairly successfully.

Some of these treatments are ridiculed and politicised by mainstream media because Trump supported Hydroxychloroquine or even sabotaged by mainstream science with falsified studies, please explain that to me when it should be about saving lives!?

It even impacted progress here in New Zealand: https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/coronavirus/121667244/coronavirus-what-is-hydroxychloroquine-and-why-is-new-zealand-throwing-money-at-it that was probably the goal after all.

The same is done now with the blood plasma treatment, first it was positively supported by mainstream media and science as treatment with high potential as it showed to treat viral infections well. But since Trump started to support it now FDA and mainstream media seeds doubts!? There is definitely no harm in using it no matter if they have done enough peer-reviewed placebo-controlled trials or not as it is a proven way to treat infections.

Also many doctors from front-line experience and specialists, i.e. Virologist and Epidemiologists, do not believe that there is a singular cause for diseases attributed to Covid-19 as the symptoms are so varied.

COVID-19 massive unemployment, except in government by sentinelksmo.org

COVID-19 massive unemployment, except in government by sentinelksmo.org

What about the long-term effects?

Human kind has been faced with and survived many odds and is growing strong to 7.8 billion, so from that perspective one need not worried at all.

As usual third world countries will be hit the hardest and quite a few people around us will be impacted for many years to come. Our rights and freedoms are more and more restricted, the economy stalled to the point that many people are going to be dependent on Government support or worse end up on our streets. Or as is already happening are distressed to the point where it is impacting the mental and physical health and well-being leading to various disorders including suicide.

Only in a few years will we know the true impact about all these measures, i.e. suicide numbers, extra deaths due to delayed treatments, psycho-somatic problems, etc.

But what about the impact on the economical more vulnerable in the so called third world!? A warning by the UN about the many hundreds of thousands of people that will potentially die as a result of the economic decline are just one of many damning effects of these ongoing lock-downs and fear driven approaches.

Also there are people who have tested positive and had symptoms of Covid-19 overcome the illness but are still affected. They are called the “long haulers” and suffer still from some form of Flu like symptoms for weeks or even months after.

My research shows that secondary infections, cross reactions of medications, even stress is known to weaken the immune system and therefore create all sorts of symptoms and illnesses. Various Medications have proven to create the very symptoms they are meant to treat. Besides having various side-effects themselves can create a variety of reactions in combination with other medications. All that needs to be looked at to get to the bottom of this and find a proper solution for those affected.

Dr. Fauci Director of NIAID

Dr. Fauci Director of NIAID

Was Gain of Function research the trigger for Covid-19?

The Virus Gain of Function (GoF) research was supported by the National Institute of Health (NIH) US and done to essentially trigger and research mutations of viruses to supposedly be prepared for worst case scenarios, should such a mutation ever happen in the wild.

The GoF research was done in Fort Dietrich Maryland US, a Level 4 Biolab, until 2014 when it was stopped by concerned Scientists. But was shortly after restarted in Wuhan where it got funding from Dr. Fauci’s NIAID again.

So they were doing GoF research on Corona viruses in Wuhan funded by the US from where it all started, co-incidence!?

Another interesting factoid in October 2019 the Johns Hopkins Centre for Health Security held a sponsored exercise to simulate a response to a SARS like Pandemic (https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/event201/). That kind of plays out just like that a couple of months later, also just co-incidence!?

This is another well sources summary of findings about the background and developments of the Covid-19 Pandemic https://www.realinsight.kiwi/health-wellbeing/vaccines/202008-plandemic-the-interview-and-documentation/.

Plandemic the documentry

Plandemic the documentry

Final thoughts

Please note this should be seen as a starting point for your own research and I encourage you to look into each source provided and further into their linked sources and cross verify all the information presented.

I do not claim to be a Virologist or Epidemiologist but I have my faculties and can think for myself and follow science to a good degree. Especially when it is explained by specialists themselves in simpler terms so everybody should be able to understand what this is all about.

After many decades researching various health related topics I realised that the Science is not settled but agreed on depending on various agendas. More often than not specialists that are long standing experts in their fields but have different experiences, views and therefore approaches and are successful are ridiculed by mainstream media. There is hardly any scientific debate just bias when one opposes mainstream science believes as everything seems to be politicised.

Like with the Covid-19 pandemic there is a lot of hype without real evidence to proof that the narratives provided based on statistics and predictions are correct and the measures are justified. But opposing science, views and experiences are literally suppressed, wiped from YouTube and Social Media to control a certain narrative. To me it looks like a covert marketing campaign and power grab to support the use of vaccinations as the sole solution!?

I have seen it too many times that modern medicine has failed the promise of restoring health and well-being but rather keep people on a downward spiral of continuous disease. Even so most Doctors are well-meaning they are often misguided or outright ignorant about alternative modalities as well as new discoveries to the effects of their applied medical practice. So I started to look deeper again and found a lot of eye opening research.

For example, many doctors believe the cause of a disease is genetic, that might be true for a very small group of individuals. But for the majority it is your lifestyle choices and the environment directly impacting your health and well-being. Did you hear about epigenetics’, well worth to invest some time to look into that topic!?

Given all what we know and is available to us, since many months actually, makes this big theatre ludicrous. Can it get any-more obvious what the agenda is, follow the money?!