Glyphosate and cancer: Read how this deadly weed killer promotes multiple myeloma, leukemia, sperm damage, infertility, kidney damage, autism, endocrine disruption, DNA damage and birth defects

“(NaturalNews) According to biotech industry and its army of mercenary trolls and science shills, glyphosate is perfectly safe to eat and doesn’t cause cancer.

Of course, that claim holds about as much scientific credibility as Big Tobacco’s claim that “smoking cigarettes doesn’t cause lung cancer or heart disease” — the “scientific” mantra of the tobacco era… dutifully repeated by the Journal of the American Medical Association for decades, by the way.

The truth, of course, is that smoking cigarettes causes cancer. So does eating glyphosate. It’s basic biochemical cause and effect. Those who deny this link are denying the laws of chemistry and biology.”

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