The Red Cross has built exactly 6 homes in Haiti with 500 million dollars in donations

“The Red Cross made a promise to Haiti to help provide homes following the 2010 earthquake that devastated the region.

They promised they would build hundreds of thousands of homes for people who had been left homeless by the destructive earthquake but they have failed massively. In fact, to date, they have built just six homes despite the fact that around half a billion dollars were donated.

130,000 Homes Promised, Only 6 Built

The plans of the Red Cross fell through as they did promise to build 130,000 homes to home the survivors of the earthquake. Many people were left with nothing following the huge earthquake. People from around the world offered relief for the victims, however, thanks to many errors; the plans to build the homes had to be halted. Worse still many people are now in doubt that the houses are going to be built.”

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