After the Failure of the Caesar Photo Hoax, Amnesty Tries Again

“Rarely will Amnesty pass up the chance to sponsor a hoax, whether it be Saddam’s incubator babies, Gaddafi using black mercenaries to kill Libyans, or Richard Engel’s fake kidnapping, if it can be used as an excuse to promote war or crippling sanctions on perceived Western enemies.

In 2014 there was the Caesar photo hoax, presenting the world with photos of 11,000 supposed victims of the Syrian government who had, we were told, died under gruesome torture. It soon transpired that of 11,000 dead detainees, at least half died in battle, doubt was cast on others and in the end Human Rights Watch, chief sponsor, could only verify 27 as being torture victims, whether victims of the government or the ‘democratic rebels’ being still unclear. In the meantime, Amnesty, true to form, threw its not inconsiderable weight behind the hoax and announced that there were 11,000 reasons to declare war on Syria.”
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