The New World Order Reloaded – Globalisation or Transformation

9/11 was the wake up call for me and started my overall research into the so called New World Order, it’s mainstream power structures and believes, authorities, politics, the economy, modern science, etc. Well what I found was rather shocking and disheartening, to see what misguided people are capable of and I am not talking about the so called terrorists. 9/11 research is the key to find the real power structure of an elite and their crimes against humanity. World Trade Centre Building 7 is the smoking gun and supposedly a lot of evidence about the overall ongoing corruption (WorlCom, more than 2 Billion missing from the Pentagon, etc.) was destroyed with it.

So one could say that we are all basically selfish animals, if forced to run we will run, if forced to fight we will fight, if we cannot make a living we will start scavenging or stealing or worse to meet ends needs, right!? Well it definitely differs from person to person how we respond to threats and scarcity but it can be still observed all over the world and even the wealthy respond similarly. That is why we need to be controlled and protected by people who know what is best and that’s why we have everywhere a top-down pyramid structure in place, right?

We call ourselves civilized and have created a higher standard of living, thanks to our achievements in technology, science, medicine, but wealth and power are now concentrated in 2% of population. And the rest are kept in the rat race for the top or to meet ends meat or worse on the brink of starvation, but mainly in a state of blind consumerism all along. The media is filled with tragedy and violence which keeps the stress levels high and our focus away from who we are and what is really going on. Well that is what we are used to but is that the New World Order we like to life in?

What makes us different in our daily survival to other species, the most important difference is our sophisticated abilities to interact, communicate and corporate. And partly our realization of that we are, in what environment we are living in and interacting with, and what the consequences of our actions are for us and everybody else. In essence we are conscious and aware beings thriving to find love and make this a better place. We have the potential to become anything provided we get the right support, but are often abused and misguided from early on in our life. My research shows this is often done by purpose to make us submit to a modern way of slavery.

Divide and Conquer – The Ageless Game of Control

Neo conservatives with the aim to unite a nation by creating terrorists and by defining rough enemy states is also an ageless method of warmongering and control of people as can be clearly observed with US policies. And since we allow that kind of hate crime to happen and follow along mainstream views, we are simply barbarians as well fighting for power and resources and try to dominate others. As our socialization promotes competition, which legitimises and supports force to fight against imaginary aggressors, promoting the “you against me” approach, all these attitudes and believes create an environment of angst, stress, aggression, which then leads to sickness, violence and unnecessary suffering and death. This is fostered on all levels of society, i.e. religious leaders making hate speeches against other groups, false flag operations like 9/11, etc. Keeping people in an constant state of fear, allowing for development and astronomic spending on warfare, increase security leading to a police state, encouraging especially sales and management people to cut corners and costs to increase sales and profit, which let to many catastrophes incl. the Gulf Oil spill, Fukushima, etc. Subjecting everybody to the same standards and believes without regards to the individual needs and capabilities. This all makes it easy to corrupt peoples minds and implement control mechanisms mainly money, misguiding beliefs in authority and religion, given power to the elites over governments and people. Based on a fear driven ego-centric structure which believes in lack and dominance.

You might say that these are human trades and is the best way for innovation and improvement of our standard of living, the survival of the fittest, really!? With more than a third of worlds population starving or on the brink to starvation, sickening amounts are spent onto warfare, patent wars stalling innovation, climate change, pollution of our environment, the extinction of countless species every single day, more and more restrictions on freedoms, highest wealth concentration by a small elite, unresolved energy and pollution crisis. And for most people that is normal because they cannot see the bigger picture. They are subdued by their daily struggle to make a living, an elite controlling the biggest banks and corporations, which control governments, mainstream media and the entertainment industry, i.e. TV, movies, sports and games.

Many people would say that this is how the world works and all is required for the developed world to stay rich and in power. You need someone doing the dirty work, i.e. finding and exploiting resources, fighting terror, run cruel industrialized farming to feed the world, mass medication to eradicate diseases, etc. That people are dumb and need to be told what they should believe in and how to live their lives. That our freedom was secured by sacrifices and brute force and requires a high level of alertness and that fear from retaliation stalled most conflicts, at least in the western world. Not to mention the disease and sickness levels in each modern society because of the artificial tensions and fears created. I point to the amount of people on prescription drugs, or treated for serious diseases with heart problems or cancer.

It has not prevented anything since there are still dozens of conflicts on the planet, which were often instigated by western economic interests. Humans are trained to compare to and compete with each other, but not to accept themselves and value their own uniqueness. And when you look into history until now you can clearly see that most conflicts are based on securing resources and power and are excused with superficial ideas of i.e. securing freedom, fighting terror, ideological differences, retaliation, religious and racial superiority, etc. Who created these definitions and really benefited from them? And keep in mind that you create what you fear and become what you fight against.

But all this comes from the lowest trades of mankind which is greed, simply follow the money, and the source for this is fear of death!

Superiority Complex

Rich people tend to become do-gooders and knowing what’s best for their fellow humans, like Governments already do. But mainly supporting their interests and selfish goals, i.e. Bill Gates supporting Vaccination programs of the Pharmaceutical Industry which has brought them huge amounts of money and are used also to support population control. Simply because from their selfish perspective an overcrowded and polluted earth will also negatively effect them. Or opportunistic capitalists like Mitt Romney destroying healthy companies and believing he would be the right choice to be President for his own and the benefits of his handlers. Or all that stock market and futures gambling driving prices of essential commodities in unaffordable heights.

Besides that people who are very rich and influential seem to believe that this is their privilege to dominate and rule others, but should remember their success is based on the work and ingenuity of many other people and also often a portion of luck. Gaining that position by birth, having the right idea at the right time or simply having the right contacts is just mere coincidence rather than a privilege. That many people believe that wealth makes them special shows in essence that they have lost themselves and their humaneness.

The fight against terror has led to the point that any President of US could instantiate Marshal Law using the Patriot Act and NDAA, which gives him de-facto dictatorial power. Being a good puppet for the elites, supporting a war against Iran to secure Iran’s resources for the stabilization of the Petro-Dollar, to prevent the fiscal cliff, and keep America’s status as a super power. The same reasons why the other Middle Eastern Countries were “democratized”.

But the real problems are not addressed a lack of energy leads to lack of food, leads to lack of health, leads to lack of feeling secure, leads to overpopulation, leads to environmental pollution. Like in the animal kingdom if a species feels threatened it will speed up reproduction. And you can see the opposite happening when certain wealth is reached, hence population growth reduced in the first world countries. But since there is a monopoly on energy production using fossil fuels hardly any influential body is really changing that. Instead they keep the status-quo because they are directly benefiting from it.

Why so much money is spent on weapons to protect from the all evil doers of the world, who are the real evil doers anyway!? And why all these conventional wars exist until today and have killed millions of people in the recent century, we have allowed industries to poison our environment and the destruction of diversity in mind-blowing amounts. The split between humans is constantly fostered which keeps the conflict alive, i.e. “we are better than the others”, and its “just business nothing personal”.

It has created so much despair and unawareness that we are not able to realize how much destruction we have created, but we are all in this together and have to take our own responsibility for that. As it shows now more clearly it is a loose-loose situation and I believe we all can do better than this. One has to assume it’s just business as usual and there are many who benefit from this carnage.

Corruption and ignorance is a sickness of the mind and a plaque for human kind!

What goes around comes around

Why is it still like that and who really benefits from that approach, as I learned mainly the 2% and it is so by design, exploiting the ignorance of the rest. How would the world look like if everybody just did what he/she really loves to do, think about it? Instead most of us dragging on just to make a living in often awkward and/or unhealthy conditions, just to prove ourselves and secure our place in society.

Since recorded history every nation has blood on its hands killing and exploiting fellow humans and the environment. Humans seem to have a love affair with brute force to get what they seem fit to secure power and wealth. Often this is based on artificial scarcity to dominate markets like i.e. fiat currency, electricity, oil, food, drugs, knowledge, etc. But is this sustainable for our species? Are there not enough repetitions of the same old “mistakes” to learn from?

Again the constant fight of dualities for domination, left against right, coloured against white, poor against rich, etc. is based on a duality system purposefully implemented by a sick mentality to keep a small elite in control and power but is this real freedom? As the saying goes: “What goes around comes around” and nobody is immune to that.

Fear the Driving Force of the New World Order

To understand the drive behind the New World Order you need to understand yourself first. As I came to understand that the ego feeds on fear hence the overall focus and attraction to related topics like crime, destruction and war. And that is not because it is pervert, but to determine dangerous situations since it tries to save us from harm. So it is constantly on the lookout for those threats and has in this way distorted reality becoming the driving force in all aspects of human society, i.e. media, arts, economy, science, etc. Governments, military, police, etc. consists of people who started out with the wish to serve and give back to the public, but at some point some got misled by their ego to seek power, prestige and wealth, serving themselves and their supporters only.

The ego with its focus on threat prevention and life saving is easily corrupted and dominated by exactly what it fears and the different beliefs spread by mainstream media and authority i.e. threads from terror, disease, economic crisis, etc. And most people will listen to and follow what authorities/mainstream media claim to be the solution. So we have to bail out banks, go into war with others, inject our kids with toxins, keep using old technologies and poisoning our environment, strife for more money and goods to feel happy, right!? Why we are doing this because we blindly follow our beliefs that somebody else knows it better and always has our best interests in mind. Everybody following their ego will have others best interests in mind, yeah right?!

Western mind has often “the either or” approach being either for or against something, just black and white, because it comes from it’s duality based ego understanding and needs, not seeing and incorporating the well-being of the whole. It should be a thing of the past, well I know it’s not as already proven by the many ongoing conflicts, slavery, abuse, suppression, etc.

I fully understand that it is difficult to comprehend at first when you are brainwashed that only outer worldly things will make you happy, i.e. having a fancy car/dress, striving for achievements and success, serve an all-powerful government to secure peace and resources via force, serve a religious purpose, support a cause, work for a corporation which supposedly improves human lifestyle, etc. Again it is implemented to give you a false sense of destiny/importance/making a living to foster your ego, but does that really fulfil you?

Transformation of the Ego-Mind

After decades of meditation and research I found an inner world, of peace, freedom and clarity. So why bother with all the outer problems, because when you understand the inner workings you comprehend your inter-connectedness. That the outer is a reflection of the inner and vice versa. That everything is in essence Love/Prana/Chi/Energy. That only being identified with our mind and its believes are separating us from our natural state of awareness/wholeness. The mind is constantly caught in duality, in fear of death and pain and trying to avoid them just keeps reacting without achieving real freedom and peace.

Mind connects the body with the soul and ego is a function of the mind for survival and superficial identity. Hence it has created sophisticated structures to conceal, control and secure each aspect of life, i.e. governments, media, police, military, professional bodies, institutions, industries, religions etc. Which is formed by socialization and distorted your true being in keeping you believing in an illusion of reality. These beliefs are crafted to keep you inactive and passive allowing others to rule and dominate your life. Missing the point that Nature/Existence/God is abundance and freedom but the fear based establishment’s would like to keep it a secret, because then they lose their authority and power, then nobody would follow their rule. Contrary to the mainstream belief this will create a natural order with total respect for life and individualism, with unique and simple solutions.

I have not met one person who does not want to spread love and live a fulfilled life. And when you realize that what you do to others you do essentially to yourself that’s when you understand inter-connectedness, your being determines your reality.

We all have a sixth sense/intuition and can connect to the vast inner universe for inspiration and guidance and align ourselves with Life/Nature/Existence/God and that we are essentially taken care of. It requires from you to see the ego as what it is, just use it as a tool as it was meant for, like a warning system in your car, otherwise follow your inner guidance and awareness and take action accordingly. Take your power back, explore life and death and live your full potential, then there is freedom from fear. It is in our hands to take responsibility for our life’s and transform this planet into a paradise, where love and respect “rules” and all species thrive.

Full freedom and liberties of the people where everybody has a say. Money is just created as a transfer medium to exchange goods, if at all needed. Full corporation of all art, engineering, science and industry bodies with the sole aim to improve the lifestyle of all and using resources intelligently. Government bodies if still needed act as mediators between diverse cultures and protect habeas corpus, the dignity and freedom of each individual.

I found it is only in the absence of the ego where you come into a balance, see the big picture and can act in alignment with Nature/Existence/God. It requires you to see that the ego is not who you are, it is just a program as mentioned before. This can be reached by meditation coming into a state of a silent observation/awareness realizing what life is about and then take “action” from there. And when everybody realizes that their actions or non-actions have an impact on themselves, the environment and on others than this will make people contemplate before doing anything. Again why bother, well the inner reflects the outer and vice versa, and it is about our inner yearning to live a fulfilled life in peace, freedom and harmony.

Hence in my perception overall corporation is the only way to resolve problems we are facing now and it requires a healthy common sense in finding the best solutions. Simply “Think global, act local” to really transform this planet into a paradise for all you need to recognize your life in all aspects and specifically bring the “negative” ones to light transforming them by acknowledgement!

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Despite all this I believe everybody is a sovereign multidimensional being and born innocent, and if allowed can develop his/her own common sense and authority out of his intuition/inner guidance. Yet there are to many stakeholders and “Authorities” who claim to know what is best and right and distort this innocence from childhood on. This is in part being misguided themselves/lack of self confidence, to get acknowledgement in many forms from others, either love, money, admiration, obedience, etc. which shows their unawareness and own suffering. And as it is still mainstream practice in economy, media, science, politics, etc. essentially applying to the lowest trades of humans, i.e. fear and lack. Nicely tied up in the rat race to make money for making a living. This is not what increases the standards of living and the potential for each and everyone of us to thrive and to life our full potential. Since this system is overall based on exploitation and the stronger dominating the weaker.

The powers that be are themselves in fear of i.e. loosing their wealth and power. But this is just a reaction of the fear based ego and in turn creates a counter reaction and so on. Therefore the mind tries hard to stay in control on all levels, institutionalized religions, centralized financial institutions and control of power by governments and corporations, etc. These are all control/fear based systems, which aim to prevent i.e. chaos and anarchy but in essence prevent real freedom and wealth for all.

The way out of this for me is to stop demanding changes from others rather be the change and reconnect to the higher self and realize that we are in essence powerful beings and are able to create the love and abundance in life we all wish for. If we take out the seriousness we stop empowering the ego and allow this energy to be creatively and constructively used. Mystics describe it as the trust in God/Life/Self/Atma/Gaya/Universe and that this “reality” is anyway only a dream/maya. Quantum Physics would describe it in similar terms as “perceived reality”. Then nobody will be able or would feel the need to dominate anybody else and we will rediscover real abundance for every being. This essentially allows us to create what we wish for even so it often does not show immediately.

Everything has a consequence and if there is no balance then mental/physical/emotional sickness is the result. No matter what you do, who you are or how rich, it applies to everybody. Everybody suffers from the same ego identification and control even the ones who belief to be in control, because that is just mind and provides a false security. Life is fluid and constantly changing only aware people will recognize that because they stay in the moment and connected. Death is the absolute consequence for being alive yet it is not the end of your being. The United States as defenders of freedoms has become a police state. The universal balance will always bring us to the point which we reject or try to avoid and with awareness you are already in your wholeness and balance, therefore ego and its duality will not effect you any-more.

Everything serves the purpose of awakening and the more conscious you are the more choices and freedoms you have, so it is up to each and everyone to respond to these invitations.

The power we have is to shift our perceptions on life and therefore our reality depending on what we are focusing on, if you i.e. choose fear and therefore force to secure peace and therefore fight an enemy then violence is what you will get, if you choose love and trust than that will be your reality. And love in the real sense is just trusting in and giving yourself totally and requires nothing back. Only a calculating mind requires something back because it thinks in terms of lack and not having enough. But the real nature of Existence is abundance and is in everything, soil, air, water, sun light are all examples of that. When you realize your higher, grant and powerful self you see the richness and beauty of life, which is not caught up in the ego and its needs for love, safety, attention, etc. And from this perspective life is a paradise of total freedom and abundance.

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