Healthy Being – Discovering a healthy common sense

The information overload in all areas of life is dramatic, so I hope the following information helps to get more clarity. To become a healthy being you need to have either a great overview and or a developed inner sense also called intuition, meaning your sense of what is true for yourself.

I was studying Naturopathy in 1992 taught by realistic medical doctors and got a fairly good idea what modern medicine is about. More than half of this training consisted in what we were supposed to know about diseases that we were not allowed to treat, which was a fairly big list. But from what I have read and heard it is often not in the hands of the medical practitioner rather in the will/ability of the patients to recover, as have shown many statistics and also so called miracle recoveries.

By my perception medical science is based on microscopy and chemistry and Naturopathy and Ayurveda for that matter are based on experiences and observation using natural resources, which were developed over thousands of years. Throughout the millennia the Vatican and other interest groups have systematically erased that knowledge in the west in killing thousands of wise women and men who were practising successfully the art of healing. The Vatican hoarded their knowledge and concealed it from the wider public using Latin to exert even more power over people, as does the medical establishment today. And of course as a means to transfer knowledge over the national language barriers.

Authority a Systematic Brainwashing

My research also revealed an increased misuse of authority by systematically brainwashing of people to make them blindly following it. As most of our systems are authoritarian top down pyramid systems where the top controls the majority at the bottom, simply through withholding knowledge, claims, position, money, power. And too often those positions of authority are claimed by keen/ego driven/greedy/power hungry people, with disregard to the greater good. Especially in the so called free western world is freedom practised just as the freedom of speech and freedom to move but more and more reduced to the freedom to follow authorities and to be good consumers. That is if you are lucky enough to still have a job and make a living. And yes everybody has his share in this if he/she is not totally aware of his/her actions and impact on others.

If you observe today’s economy you can see it is based on superficial competition, profit maximization and securing markets and has let to corruption in all levels of human society costing communities mind blowing amounts to pay for damages, bailouts or to support corporate s which are gaming the system, patent fights stalling inventions and progress, fraud and falsifying scientific evidence, etc. Profit making should be the least goal rather to improve living conditions overall and that could be easily achieved in a real corporation approach. This Darwinism of “survival of the fittest” and the ego centric behavior dominating society is destroying our basis to life and our humanness. As you can observe with all the toxic side effects of humans doing business, Gulf of Mexico Oil spill, Fukushima, Global Warming, Warmongering, abuse and exploitation of resources and humans, etc. for what? Yes errors happen, but most of them happened out of neglect to cut corners and avoid costly security measures.

Therefore I do not trust Politicians because they are often too close to corporate interests which mainly are contrary to the common good, and because they often follow a power driven self-interest. Corporate s like Monsanto which undermine the FDA and allowed for merely untested GMOs being spread into the wild and into the food chain, basically making farmers dependent on their seeds, with heavy toxic side-effects. Nuclear power devastating huge areas and killing hundreds of thousands of people in the aftermath, i.e. nuclear test side fall out, Chernobyl, Fukushima and that is mainly because of industry lobbying happening. Similarly in the Petro-Chemical Industry which does only so much as it is forced to protect people and the environment, like in the Gulf of Mexico or in Ecuador poisoning huge forest areas.

“Modern Science” a Money Making Machine

In my perception most industries are using “modern science” as a money making machine with total disregard to the people, as it clearly is with vaccination, water fluoridation or cancer treatments. I found dozens of articles providing evidence that “modern medicine” is fraudulent and often promoting medication and treatments against their own scientific evidence, keeping even their peers in the dark, i.e. more people die from cancer treatment than from cancer itself.

Just by looking into how Pharmaceutical companies work makes clear that there is no chance of neutral and objective science. Simply because scientists have to create results, to make products or support the “advantages” of products, to be profitable and pay out more dividend to banks and shareholders. Alone that fact that all these companies are profit driven will lead them to fraud and by that harming humans and the environment. To me this is one of the most fundamental flaws in human society, which led to mass murder/war especially in the so called civilised and modern societies. This man made rat race has enslaved large parts of humanity, destroyed huge areas of nature and killed or brought close to extinction a tremendous number of species. So that a few can live a life in total luxury and power and keeping the rest in fear, slavery and or making them brainless consumers. This is total loose loose and not sustainable and by now even the dumbest should realise something is not right.

Some questions for hardcore believers of modern science:
  • Why are placebos in many trials similar or even more effective than the drugs tested?
  • Why is stress, fear and emotions for that matter such a big cause of sickness or an ailment in their absence?
  • Why does a treatment work for one but not the other person?
  • Why do results vary so much from study to study?
Well for one there is much more than the microscopic matter which modern science is focusing on. And it mainly depends on the individual beliefs from the scientist, medical practitioner to the patient. Everybody has an inherited power, the power of belief and imagination and it literally changes the outcome of any reality and therefore treatment. That is why many spontaneous healing s happen, that is also why luckily relatively less people are getting effected by the toxic cocktails prescribed to patients, inclusive vaccines. And that is why shamanistic healers have relatively high success rates. And these are further reasons why I do not believe in modern science and medicine any-more it is based on the same voodoo-shudoo.

This might sound brutal but in my perception the ineffectiveness of modern medicine is known in very high positions but is promoted anyway, because it keeps people busy from interfering with the forces that be, from discovering and developing our inner powers and abilities and works as population control.

Blind Beliefs

People blindly follow doctors and therefore pharmaceutical advice, instead of changing their lifestyle and or environment, which in most cases is the main cause for disease. People get smart and take your responsibility back, there are so many alternative ways and treatments available, especially healthy and nutritious food. If you still buy the cheap mass produced food with artificial and/or modified ingredients, full of pesticides, antibiotics, etc. and in this way promoting pharmaceutical industry to poison the soil and water which ends up in our body.

This all can make you depressed feeling helpless but it is in your hands to turn depression into action make informed decisions, avoid buying sickening mass produced foods. Avoid the blind consumerism buying cheap and unhealthy food and than expect the medical profession to help you out of your self-inflicted disease of i.e. Alzheimers, ADHD, Obesity, struck by Cardio-Vascular or Cancer disease.

What really is needed nowadays is that people learn to reconnect more consciously to their body and use their self-healing capabilities. And that people start taking their responsibility back from doctors and their symptom treatments, which often does not solve the underlying problem. Besides stopping to use your body as waste dump for all sorts of artificial flavoured and nutrient deprived foods, fluoride in water, toxic sweeteners, overuse of sugar, overuse of pesticides and herbicides, etc. Surely real science and to some extent modern medicine has it’s place and have valid components like emergency surgery and pain relief. Intelligent science works with and for nature and not only for profit.

When you read literature and research reports you will find a lot of controversial “scientific facts” and that all of them are never 100% correct because they depend on the circumstances. And another aspect in modern science is quantum physics which clearly indicates that your reality is dependent on your perception about it, which on a physical level was proven by Bruce Lipton many years ago. That cells respond to the environment and adapt accordingly and that you are in this way not a total victim to your genes. Which is in my eyes only a marketing trick so that the Pharmaceutical Industry can sell you more drugs.

To realize that we are powerful beings is what aligns with many mystics and spiritual wisdom you can find all over the world, at present more in the East, Quantum Physics is the Western equivalent. This all is shifting the playing ground of life to a whole new level and actually freeing us from many boundaries, we just have to inquire into our true self and change our perception which then changes our reality.

After what I have found, I believe it is good to have a healthy distrust in authority or knowledge bearers and question their real interests in what they are proclaiming and selling to us, especially on mainstream media, simply because there are mainly financial interest involved. I urge to apply this to all the materials provided on this website as well.

I am putting this information together to increase the awareness, in sharing my findings and change the attitude and perception many people have of what is driving their lives and might be ignorant about. This is not to condemn anybody or anything, just to bring a different reality into light and to give everybody open minded a chance to find alternatives to mainstream beliefs and make real and informed choices. If you keep following along you will find out that for all these diseases/problems nature provides cures/alternatives, but it is up to us to take our responsibility. Simply research what suits best to you and apply it. Life is the greatest force and guidance and will give immediate feedback to your actions, just start listening and responding to it. Use the ancient wisdom of the past and treat the body as your temple, then generally there is no need for any medication. And I hope this helps you to become a healthy being.

Please follow these links for more information:

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Health and immunity can be achieved by using many alternative methods, including allowing for childhood diseases to occur, proper organic nutrition, vitamin supplements, alternative healing methods, change of lifestyle etc. If you buy into the fear driven brainwashing game you hand over your responsibility and health to the so called all-knowing authorities, that’s why so many die from over-medication, unnecessary procedures, cancer is on the rise, as are many other avoidable diseases, simply because that’s their livelihood and these authorities are also brainwashed.

Luckily “awakened” specialists and victims share their knowledge and experiences, for us to learn from and to make informed decisions, simply take your power back.

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