Food and Nutrition – Is Industrial Food healthy and sustainable?

Food and nutrition is an essential issue for all life forms and has changed a lot thanks to industrialisation, but is it nowadays still healthy? Well until a profit driven system took over the food quality was high and much less diseases like allergies, obesity and diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases, cancers, etc. were recorded. Yes of course the overall lifespan was shorter and many diseases were not scientific labelled then. I believe that the main reason for improved lifespan is a higher standard of living which includes regular meals, warm shelter and more hygienic living spaces. And by my perception all these diseases are nowadays on the rise because of the overload of toxins in our food and the environment and the failure of industrial food to provide enough nutrients and vitamins because of depleted and denatured soils.

That farm land is depleted is caused by simply the wrong farming techniques based on fossil fuel fertilizers and pesticides, which overall kill the soil and do not provide all necessary minerals for healthy plants. Organic farming proves to support more disease resistant, healthier plants, which in turn provides much more nutritious food with same or better yields and the farmland stays fertile. Yes it requires more effort and is therefore more costly but the overall benefits outweigh the industrial practices manifold.

Exploiting and Polluting the Environment

All these Biotech companies and brainwashed farmers who try to get the most out of nature without really understanding it, have failed many times as stopped trials and bans of Pesticides and GMOs show. This attitude of just using any means to make money, to create dependencies or as they call it creating markets is what led to the overall economic crisis, in which an elite constantly games and dominates the system. They claim to solve problems, which did not really exist before they started doing business, which btw. can be solved totally naturally.

I am not sure how many i.e. different potato varieties exist which have all different trades in resistance and climate adaptability, just find the right one and grow or cross it to a new resistant sibling as per the environment, as was done throughout human history. Nature always provides solutions for any problem, it requires an open mind to recognise and make use of them. As most supportive inventions are based on the observation and copying of nature.

Yes we are also part of nature and Gods creation as some would say, but that inherits certain responsibilities towards human kind and the environment we interact with and depend on. And cannot afford to keep the Darwinian/Mind approach use and abuse nature and ourselves trying to dominate and control everything.

Global warming and its effects, the increase in toxicity in every area of life will not spare anybody. We have to stop here and find or reapply really intelligent solutions and take our responsibility back or otherwise will perish in agony.

The “Green Revolution” was based on oil, another purposefully drafted dependency which brought us all a lot of problems: Besides the many oil spills, toxic run off’s of fertilisers and pesticides into lakes, rivers and seas, supporting a mono-culture which dramatically reduced bio-diversity, Colony Collapse Disorder in bees, etc. Yes it has made food production more efficient but at what real costs? Well in the end your savings are going to the medical establishment and the Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical Industry, which is the producer of all these chemicals and toxins in the first place, so its win-win for them only.

Modern Science vs. Real Science

Modern science tries to break down everything into repeatable and definable steps in an artificial environment often blending out reality, just merely creating agreed upon definitions of reality. It has its place, yet life and nature for that matter are way more complex than human mind can ever grasp. Therefore it is a faint shadow of real or observational science which allows for adjustments to reality and incorporates the ever changing environment. Modern science is used as cash cow and to create endless markets through dependencies which devastates a lot of land and lives, because it is indoctrinated by corporate interests. For example more than 250,000 of BT cotton farmers in India committed suicide because the “guaranteed” attributes of GMO plants failed to become reality or Monsanto suing farmers for cross pollination, etc. And you can see this also throughout the food industry which uses all sorts of artificial flavouring and colouring, sweeteners, MSG, etc. With total disregard for human health, just to make people consume more and to fill up their coffers, again at what real costs for all of us.

Organic food production is based on real science and observation and uses ancient wisdom to grow food in alignment with nature, which automatically cares for the environment and humans. Creating healthy soils to grow healthy and strong plants, which minimizes the water consumption and creates nutrient rich foods. It also makes you feel more nourished and therefore faster full and reduces long-term the need for medical assistance in my experience, as I have not had any major health related problems ever since. Well you have to still apply common sense and eat a balanced diet and have sometimes some supplements to boost your Vitamin and Mineral levels depending on the seasons and geography you are living in. As Hippo-crates stated: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” and in this way you can keep a healthy mind in a healthy body.

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All this shows how less “modern science” and corporate agriculture and chemical industry really knows and cares about humans and nature, just in the name of profit and scientific advancement they risk everything, especially our health and well-being.

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