100+ Makers eco-hack the future with open-source prototypes for a fossil-free, zero waste society

“When a group of talented and committed individuals puts their minds together to overcome our current “destructive consumer culture” by designing and building open-source solutions for a more sustainable future, great things can happen, as illustrated by the results of the participants of last year’s POC21 (Proof of Concept) camp.

In order to make progress toward a more livable future, it’s important to have a multi-pronged approach, with viable and affordable solutions developed for such basic needs as energy, food, transportation, and not just on a large scale, but also on a personal scale. Sure, it’s great that we’re seeing higher rates of solar adoption, and more innovations in low-carbon transport methods, but if all of these solutions are top-down (or capital-intensive, as a home solar array or a new EV is), then they will continue to be limited in their scope and their effects, due to the financial restraints that many of us come up against.”

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