Is Cancer a Deadly Disease?

“I am Doctor and I can help you”, well yes but Doctors are mainly trained to follow procedures and treat certain symptoms with specific drugs. And many Doctors and Scientists are only “experts” in one area and often not sure what is really going on overall. And they are hardly trained in disease prevention using i.e. food and supplements. That I got from my two doctorate Medical Practitioners who were my trainers for the Naturopathy course I was attending many years ago, as well as from my own experience.

And yes Doctors have helped to resolve many health issues or at least elevated the symptoms. But modern medicine has done also a lot of harm, i.e. over medication, unnecessary procedures, wrong diagnosis and treatments, leading to premature deaths. Yes we are all just humans and make mistakes and are more or less misled. So who in the world can really claim to know what is good for my health other then myself. Then it’s even more important that everybody develops a clear feeling about him/herself, takes his/her responsibility and researches different options and then go for the best suitable solution, which often is the least harmful.

But we are all too busy in making a living and to be an “authority” in what we do to feel worthy of our existence. Because you have to earn it otherwise you are not worthy of it, even following and believing questionable things doing so. Well we have to make a living and everybody else does it also, so in health issues we also give our responsibility away to others, right!? And yes we cannot know everything but our inner response system/wisdom/intuition actually does, the art is to hear and follow it again.

And should our own body and health not be the most important matter in our life. Can we really effort not to know what is happening with our bodies and what we need to do about it, besides what mainstream medicine tries to make us belief. I do not emphasise that everybody starts studying medicine and natural cures for years but I propose besides getting assistance and suggestions from authorities/specialists, to do your own research. We need to develop our inner wisdom to align with what is really going on in our lifes and required and not just follow the standard procedures of modern medicine/Pharmaceutical Industry. What I have learned is that there are often much more efficient natural alternatives to cure diseases and cancer for that matter. The most important is eat healthy and let food be thy medicine.

The Mainstream Treatment of Cancer

By my research disease is big business and the Medical Establishment and the Pharmaceutical Industry is not really into finding cures that work but to create and patent drugs and label human conditions with new types of diseases, as you can read more frequently even in mainstream media.

And as mentioned in another article we have a society with a top down pyramid system were a few dominate the majority, through authority of “knowledge”, force and economic dictatorship. Nowadays big Corporate s, i.e. Finance and Pharma, run Governments not the people any-more and the focus is mainly on profit and influence, which can be also observed in the endless and costly war on cancer.

Companies which have to make profit no matter what to keep investors and shareholders happy, will discredit and suppress available alternatives, manipulate scientific proof and patent their “inventions” to dominate the market and fleece the public. And even if these drugs have severe side effects it takes ages until they are taken of the market and drug makers are often just slapped with minor fines or even exempt from liability as is with vaccines.

So is cancer a deadly disease as mainstream science and media try to make us belief or is it just a healing response to a poisoning of the body? Well my research led me to belief that the body tries to protect us from harm, depending on the ingested toxins produces a tumour. The tumour or lump is actually encapsulations of those toxins the body could not get rid off otherwise, but most of them can be resolved, if the poisoning is stopped.

I also learned that modern medicine with its standard procedure of cut, burn and poisoning kills in many cases their patients. It’s the typical mind approach eradicate fire with fire, kill that thing before it kills you, terror with more terror, etc. but without really knowing what was the cause for it in the first place. And does it really help resolve any of the problems? Quite frequently after a “successful treatment” they suddenly find another tumour spread somewhere else!

A Different Perspective to Healing Cancer

In my perception we need to deal with this disease totally differently, it can be treated and healed quickly and cheaply allowing for common sense solutions, i.e. cleaning up environmental hazards, stop producing foods with artificial ingredients, stop mass medication with fluoride and toxic inefficient vaccines, provide a social system which elevates work conditions, create an environment of understanding and respect for diversity and freedom, simply the opposite of the present stress based money making approach.

For me the major solution is to find out who YOU really are and to realise that fear is just a natural program of the ego which aims to protect you from harm in making you able to run away from a threat quickly. But applying this fear to each and every aspect will make you sick, fear of dying, fear of terror, fear of losing your job/money, fear of not being/having enough. My research shows that fear is the precursor for many stress related diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, etc. and therefore the biggest killer.

To keep and maintain freedom and peace can be only achieved by abolishing any kind of self prejudice, suppression and domination based on our own fear. Otherwise human kind will go on in endless disputes and fights, neglecting its inherited wisdom, miss plentiful abundance and existing solutions for any problem, including disease. Well there will be always some disease and death will end life, but that is simply part of growth and to be human, but the majority of disease as we know it will disappear. So use your awareness to determine what is an intelligent approach and research from there, start to meditate, since meditation is the key to awareness. I built up my inner authority from an open mind observing and researching my perceived reality and connecting to the inner guidance and wisdom and so can you.

So what is cancer, is it as defined by mainstream medicine which can be read in Wikipedia?

Well after many years doing my own research I found the following:
  1. Cancer is a direct response to accumulated lifestyle and environmental toxins, i.e. alcohol, smoking, vaccines and other medications, industrial pollution, processed foods, artificial food ingredients, Genetically Modified Organisms, water pollution, water fluoridation, overuse of sugar etc.
  2. Cancer lumps are created by the body to protect it from those toxins, if it cannot get rid of it otherwise. Cancer spreads because the body creates more and more encapsulations of the toxins in the area they are found. And the more toxins you put in your body, the faster these encapsulations are created. And not as mainstream medicine makes you believe that rough cancer cells are running amok in the body and start growing everywhere.
  3. Many articles and reports describe that mainly conventional cancer treatment is responsible for the death of patients and not the cancer itself. And that’s kept hidden by mainstream media because it’s big business. Statistics show that more than 70% of people die within 5 years from “cancer” after they admitted themselves to mainstream medical cut/burn/poison treatments.
  4. There are already a number of cures available but ignored by mainstream medicine, i.e., Vitamin B17, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, healthy organic food, fasting, changing a stressful lifestyle, canabinoids etc. And I found love and laughter to be one of the best medicines, seriously.
Please see the following links for more detailed information:

• Cancer research

• Cancer cures


It’s essentially in our hands, if we let fear reign over our lives we make that our reality. Just let’s turn this around, take our power back and make informed decisions in alignment with our intuition. Ending blind consumerism or following the fear and ego based authority which focuses mainly on destructiveness which materialises as i.e. cancer. Trust in your inner wisdom and be caring with yourself and others. Use resources mindfully and explore the plentiful natural alternatives which are there, just follow your intuition to become a healthier and happier you again.

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